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O the beautiful halt-daycare!

We often hear that being cozy at home makes us happy, and we, at the CMRL, think it is true.

In 2020, we moved to 19th Avenue in a brand new facility. A new start for the Center, its team and all those around us.

It is not easy to invest in a new place between two lock downs, but as a team, nothing is impossible !

Today we present to you one of the many projects of 2020 that is emerging at this very moment!

To stay within the theme and develop our universe, we have decorated our daycare center with a beautiful mural!

It is inspired by Talhi Design illustrations for our book 'Le monde dans ma boîte à lunch', which we will present you very soon!

This mural was created by illustrator and painter Eliane Berdat - Illustration

Our halt-daycare is open right now. We have for you, a dream team with a terrific coordinator, two amazing childcare assistants, and a daycare center designed to make you happy and serene.

You can book this drop-in daycare service online:

Or by email with Alexandra:

Naturally, everything has been thought out to respect the sanitary precautions adapted to the situation.

See you soon! :)

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