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The Sentinels on the lookout recruit!

As we know, our seniors are among those the most affected by this pandemic. Even without a pandemic, caring for our seniors is challenging.

This is why, together and more than ever, we must work twice hard and adapt.

Online training for residents in our neighbourhood

The Sentinels on the lookout are citizens trained to identify, approach and refer seniors who are isolated and/or who present signs of vulnerability or abuse issue.

Want to get more involved, help people around you and make a difference?

We have been training sentinels since 2018 and it is not COVID-19 that will stop us, quite the opposite!

This Tuesday, January 19th, 2021, we launched our first online training of the year.

It's a great training, easy to learn, no need to have any medical knowledge. It's like an extension of the work I've done for years as a nurse, and it makes me proud.

We offer you a class of about 30 minutes, available online, free of charge, host and organized by a dream team, Jean Dumas and Rayya Khairallah.


For more information, you can register on this page :

Or contact our team directly :



Since October 2018, we already trained 86 Sentinels in your neighborhood.

To continue to grow this comunity, we have organized with our partner (La P'tite Maison de Saint-Pierre et the Teapot) et le SPVM, major door-to-door actions in 2020.

Actions that were very well received :

> This is the number of doors visited in 2020.

> This is the number of people 50+ met.

> This is the number of citizens interested in the training!

A door-to-door adapted to COVID-19. Our teams have taken care to respect all the health measures put in place by the government to ensure safety and serenity to everyone.


If you've made it so far, take the opportunity to follow our Rayya on Facebook by clicking on the logo. :)

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